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Start Gaining, Reduce Straining!If you're going to lift, do it the right way, which means you need to improve lifting posture and technique to achieve the big gains. Weight lifting belts provide abdominal and back support for heavy squats, deadlifts, power lifting and other similar workouts to help you reduce body stress and attain your fitness goals. Our belts are made with soft, moisture-wicking neoprene for comfort and to lightly absorb sweat. All belts are a wide-size 4.75" belt and feel weightless when in use. They are durable and flexible enough to roll up and take the belt on the go!Choose a Size:Find the perfect fit for you, choose from four sizes of belts: M (38"-42"), L (40-44), XL (44"-48"), and XXL (46"-50"). We recommend measuring your body around the stomach and lower back for proper sizing and to avoid choosing the wrong belt. Do not use your pant size as a reference point.Why You'll Love It:Improper technique during heavy lifting sessions can destroy your lower back and spine, reduce the stress on your body and push to new personal bests with our belts. They're easy to use, simply take a breath, place the belt around you, and make sure it's tight enough to create a wall for your abdominals to push against during lifting repetitions. When you use them properly and finish training for the day, your body will thank you for it.

Weight Lifting Belt, XL

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