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VEVOR Low Profile Floor Jack 4 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Dual Piston


Key Features

Powerful Capacity

Max. loading capacity: 4 ton/8800 lbs. Lifting range: 3.94" (100 mm)-20.98" (533 mm). Conform to CE, UKCA, ASME. A powerful and reliable floor jack you can trust.

Built to Last

The floor jack is strong, durable, and made with high-quality steel. It is more than capable of lifting most vehicles.

Easy to Operate

Twist the handle clockwise to the tightest position to close the valve; place the jack's saddle under the lifting point; pump the handle to lift the vehicle. Last, slowly twist the handle counterclockwise to lower the jack.

No More Damage to Vehicles

One rubber pad is attached to the saddle, preventing the vehicle from slipping and protecting the floor jack from damage. And the rubber pad is easy to replace when you need it.

Reliable Sealing

A high-quality cylinder reduces the wear of the sealing ring and improves the service life. The rubber oil plug has good sealing performance and is convenient for filling and exhausting.


2 pcs rear swivel casters, and large front steel caster, provide smooth maneuvering and positioning around cars and trucks.

Magnetic Tool Tray

The floor jack comes equipped with a magnetic tool tray on the top, keeping your tools within reach.

VEVOR Low Profile Floor Jack 4 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Dual Piston

SKU: D0102HGJ1SY-Default
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