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Sport or Fitness Type:Water Sports

Main Color:Antique blue green

Sport or Fitness Features:Anti-slip

Use Case:Garden & Outdoor

Product Style:American Design,Beach

Main Material:PVC

Fitness & Sports Function:Multifunctional


Product Features:

All-in-one travel standing inflatable paddle board is suitable for a variety of scenarios, more suitable for beginners. The paddle blade thickness and volume in the stability of a good situation to two or more things sliding speed, also can smoothly row when surfing.

As opposed to professional racing boards, this series of SUP is a versatile all-purpose travel board, perfect for beginners and multi-water paddling. The thickness and volume of the SUP allow for speed with good stability and smooth paddling in the surf.

The best waterline range is 40-80 kg, and the maximum bearing capacity is within 150 kg.

This series of SUP adopts high strength PVC wire drawing material, which can be hit to 12 PSI in daily use. The highest is not more than 15 PSI. The higher the air pressure, the harder the board body.



Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 9.9'x33"x5" With Premium SUP Accessories & Back

SKU: D0102H5SM52-as Pic
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