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Adopts skin-friendly 100% bristles, 100% natural wood and hemp rope material

Dry/ Wet Brushing Your Skin



**Natural & Skin-Friendly Materials*:Our15-in Spa Bath Brush adopts skin-friendly 100% bristles,100% natural wood and hemp rope materials,which is comfortable to use without causing any skin allergy.
**Detachable & User-Friendly*:Its 15-in handle can let you easily clean your body skin,especially for hard-to-reach areas when showering,also the spa bath brush is easily detached into 2 parts(a handle and a palm brush),and the handle in the back of the brush enables you to use it as a palm brush for your legs and neck. After use,you can hang it above the tub via the hemp rope for drying
*Relief & Beauty Your Body*:The high-density premium medium-stiffness bristles is perfect for exfoliating without hurting your body skin,and you can use it dry for improving blood circulation,or use it wet for removing dead skin.
*Medium Stiffness Bristles*:Tough and flexible,we recommend soaking with warm water for about 2 minutes to slightly soften it before use. Note:Please do not leave the brush dipping into high-temperature water for a long time,or it will shorten the service life.
** Dry/ Wet Brushing Your Skin*:Use dry brush to improve blood circulation and promote skin health and glows,also can moisten it to be used as body brush for exfoliating your skin and removing the dirt and dead skin.


Material: Natural Bristles, Wood, ABS Plastic and Hemp
Color: Yellow
Brush Size: 4.92'x2.55' (L×W)
Item Size: 16.14'x2.55'x1.34' (L×W×H)
Item Weight: 0.25lbs

*Package Lists*:

1 × Long Handle Body Bath Scrubber

Bath Brush 15" Shower Body Back Scrubber with Long Handle Detachable Brush

SKU: D0102HAHIMV-Yellow
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