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Build Lower Body Strength and Prevent Injury!Ankle weights do wonders for your lower body, from adding intensity to cardio to building strength and toning important leg muscles during training. Take our weights and add them to leg lifts, curls, presses, lunges, and calf raises to push your workout to higher levels. Add them to your training regimen to prevent troublesome lower body injuries.Each black ankle weight comes in a pair and are made with soft, moisture-wicking fabric to provide comfort and to lightly absorb sweat. They can be loosened or tightened to your desired fit with adjustable hook and loop fastener straps and ring closures.


These ankle weights rest on the outside of the legs to prevent rubbing and bumping for a more comfortable walk, jog, or run as well as during leg exercises.Choose a Size:Find the right pair for your needs, we offer pairs of 1.1lbs, 2.2lbs, 3lbs, 4lbs, or 5lbs. Lower weights add light resistance, medium weights build endurance and tone muscles, and heavy weights build muscle strength.Why You'll Love It:Our ankle weights come with a convenient storage pouch, so you can take your weights with you wherever you train.


There are endless uses for ankle weights, from cardio and strength training to rehabilitative programs. Ankle weights are used by athletes of all sports including Track & Field, Cross Country, and Gymnastics as well as core sports like Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Baseball.

Ankle Weights 2-pack: 4 lb.

SKU: D0102H5GQ7G-SWGT-709
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